principal_mouse (principal_mouse) wrote in dis_acdmy_mod,

The time has come my friends.

It pains me to have to make this announcement, however it needs to be done. Disney_Academy is closing.

KJ and I no longer have the energy to try and keep up the activity it would take to keep up plot and we just don't feel we could bring the current story line to any neat resolution considering the levels of activity. Thus we have felt that a close is neccessary.

We both understand that we said that plot would continue on until September and D_A would become a sandbox, however with only a few posts going up in the past week and a couple of tags back and forth we feel that there simply isn't enough interest right now to keep it going. We are sorry to those who were looking forward to the resolution of plot and the sandbox thereafter.

If there is interest expressed in hearing how the plot would have eventually ended had we continued to Septemeber, we may reveal plot details. However that is only depending on if people reeeaally would like to hear it.

At the time of this announcement I will be posting up a final OOC friending meme in the OOC comm. I want everyone to take this opprotunity to exhange information, so we can all keep in contact! Also I will be including a question about whether you are fine with still being invited in to Disneyacademy aim chat considering I'd still like to hold that at least from time to time just so we can all get together and talk about whatever like we like to.

So, now that the business is done, I have one final thing to say as your head mod and the creator of D_A:

Thank you all

Every one of you, every single one of you have made this place my home, my sanctuary. You have made this tough year one of the best experiences I could possibly have. There have been hard times, but there are so many more fond memories that I cannot even begin to express the amount of joy you have all brought me. Coming to chat, doing all those insane memes, doing watch-a-longs, talking all night long on skype.

I know this sounds stupid and overly corny, but D_A helped change me into a better person. I think I have matured and become more responsible, I've learned so many things about myself and other people that I wouldn't change this experience for the world. Nor would I want to change anyone of you.

You all are special. Don't forget that. You all helped D_A become what it is, was, and will always be.

Thank you, again.
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